Sandra Venables

Sandra Venables

About Sandra

Sandra is a franchise expert with many years experience in franchising. She was the founder of a very successful franchise which started out as a small business on the Wirral ,which she later expanded through franchising on a large scale. The business now operates throughout the Uk and also throughout Portugal. Based on her own experience, Sandra has helped many clients to franchise their businesses on a national scale. She has worked with businesses from all sectors, such as: Coffee franchises, Property and lettings, dog grooming, events, social media and advertising, car valeting, coaching, children’s educational business etc, the list is endless. Sandra has also featured in franchise publications and on Local radio stations offering franchise tips and advice.


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People I have been fortunate to personally work with:


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Have you ever wondered if your business could be franchised?

If you have ever wondered if your business can be franchised, you have come to the right place. I will take you through a step by step guide on how to franchise your business. Once we have established if your business is suitable for franchising, we will then begin to work on developing your business and putting all the necessary documents and processes in place. On average it normally takes about three months to get your business franchise ready. Some things to consider when deciding on franchising your business:

  • Can your business be replicated?
  • Is your current business generating a profit?
  • Has your business been established for more than 12 months?
  • Does your business have a good reputation?

If you can answer YES to all of the above there is a good chance your business can be franchised. Contact Me for a FREE franchise Evaluation on:

0151 601 9422

or Email Me

Please see the description below on what to expect   when using our services.


What to expect from our service:

  • FREE franchise evaluation to find out if your business is suitable for franchising
  • All your franchise documents, will be written by our experienced manual writers and will be bespoke to you and your business
  • Territory mapping is included in our service to ensure that your franchisees have an adequate area to work in and prosper.
  • We shadow you in your business, this is a valuable exercise which helps us to advise you on developing your model for franchising
  • We take you through every step of franchising, we even help you with your initial interviews with prospective franchisees, this includes guidance on how to follow up after the meeting.
  • Expertise in franchising your business as a social enterprise opportunity.
  • A twelve month marketing plan which.

For a leap in the right direction and to find out if your business is suitable for franchising call us today, on:

Tel:0151 601 9422 




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